2 Hours – Stalinism in wartime, High Stalinism, De-Stalinism, and attempted to search the web for Historical opinions on Stalin

Poles of the worst dictators in history:

http://list25.com/25-of-historys-deadliest-dictators/ – 1. Moa 2. Hitler 3. Leopald 2nd 4. Stalin

http://www.rankred.com/top-10-most-powerful-dictators-in-the-world/ – 1. Hitler 2. Moa 3. Pol Pot 4. Stalin

https://www.thetoptens.com/worst-dictators/ – 1. Sheikh Hasina 2. Hitler 3. Stalin (You could vote online for this one)

http://www.popten.net/2010/05/top-ten-most-evil-dictators-of-all-time-in-order-of-kill-count/ – IN ORDER OF KILL COUNT 1. Moa 2. Stalin 3. Hitler

Which other dictators could you compare Stalin to?

    1. Saddam Hussein – Iraqi dictator
    2. Leopald II – Belgium
    3. Hitler
    4. Moa
    5. Mussolini
    6. Idi Amin
    7. Kim Jong-Il – North Korea
  • Saparmurat Niyazov—Turkmenistan (Impressive cult of personality)
  • Seyed Ali Khamenei—Iran (Iran has a different president who actually holds little power compared to the 12 unelected Guardian Council of Mullahs, headed by Khamenei)


http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-wallechinsky/the-worlds-worst-dictator_b_28679.html – David Wallechinsky is the author of the book you’ve bought; this site gives a brief over view of what he writes about. I have used this to decide which dictators I would be comparing to Stalin.


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